Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wild Horses

beberapa hari ini lagi seneng banget dengerin lagu Wild Horses yang versi Susan Boyle, aku lebih suka aja sama Wild Horses versi Susan Boyle ini di bandigin dengan versi versi lainnya(even original version), i don't know why, but it feel more epic than the other, selain itu saya juga salut sama Susan Boyle, dia punya mimpi dan dia harus mengejarnya, even now she is no longer young, and she is prove to us "if you have a dream you must reach it, don't matter how old you now"  so, hope you like it and enjoy the video from Susan Boyle-Wild Horses live in America's Got talent ..

if you want to download this song you can click here

see ya in the next post ..

Luthfi ,-

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