Monday, August 23, 2010

after "that"

it is lil bit surprising for me, one year to grow my hair and just one minute all my hair is all gone, huh! but i think my hair is not so bad that I think at first, but I still do not like because I like my old hair :( but life goes on and i must move on, banyak hal yang lebih penting dibandingkan rambut, hanya sebagian(besar) rambut saja yang hilang, i'm still me, nothing changes. i hope i'll be a better person after this . . 

see ya in the next post,


1 comment:

  1. wah..emangnya rambut co lama ya numbuhnya????
    pake penumbuh rmbt aja wkwkw..
    pernah ada yg pake eh tapi malah rontok smua wkwkw